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About ERFOLK Running


More and more people in Germany take up running as a regular sport ? be it for health reasons or for pure fun. Sooner or later every sportsman and sportswoman would like to know what he or she has achieved and above all how effective the training program has been.
Many take notes and even make little calculations at the end. Some buy a pulse watch, which makes it easier to collect and evaluate a lot of data.
We too like running and we too have collected a large amount of data. In order to cope with this variety of data, we have developed this program.

Free of charge

We have put a lot of time and energy into this application and we really think that the world is ready for it now. Our main objective is to attract many runners to make use of this program. Therefore our offer is free of charge.

A personal note

Should you find any mistakes or have suggestions for improvements, we would really appreciate a short e-mail. But of course it is not only your criticism that we would like to hear ? we also greatly welcome any positive feedback.

The entire team of ERFOLK Running wishes you a lot of fun with your running program.